Monday, 12 October 2015

Netflix and Kill

Now I know that there is so much going on right now to talk about but at times you need to de stress from the harsh reality and escape. and King decided on having a weekend movie marathon, Netflix and chill situation! Considering that there's not really much movie wise to choose from currently we go old skool and watch several different genre of film. Now, I dunno if it's my age or just low tolerance for bullshit I find it difficult to just watch a film and not get upset with the foolishness these damn people choose to do in films. I know it's entertainment but it's dumb. I cannot stand certain things for know people are chasing you and you choose to stop and have a conversation or argument wasting about five minutes of escape time! They hide, but some idiot has to make some noise or lick down something to alert the killers. The fools get an opportunity to kill the killers, gun to face and what do they do...start talking some bullshit, negotiating or on some preaching ting, Killers get away or overpower them. When they finally get the balls to shoot or injure the killers, why do they never check to see if they are really dead or make sure they get them good the first time. If it's a fight to the death type situation, why do they backtrack and actually wanna save the baddie? Fighting on a high building or level, you overpower baddie by kicking them off the edge but they hold on, your dumb ass decides to help them and they grab onto you to try and bring you down too! The Purge annoyed me so much I turned off after 30 mins; from the damn unruly fool fool kids they have to the fact that the man who sells the security systems doesn't realise the damn thing is penetrable; how about an electric fence, panic room and a sniper steeple like in the prisons? 

The absolute worst movies of all time are the end of the world, destruction or alien type shits, watching them films you realise that if you are not friends with the damn regular joe super hero who somehow has scientific knowledge on the situation, a buddy who works for NASA or just on some James Bond type're dead! 

Arghhhhh it's so annoying! 


Friday, 21 August 2015

Go Fund Yourself

When I first discovered the app and fundraising platform Go Fund Me, I was ecstatic. Finally a way for aspiring entrepreneurs and charities to reach the people and raise funds for constructive ventures. But as with everything else there had to be raggedy ass ratchets who as always turn a good thing into a god damned travesty. I've been on Go Fund Me for close to six months and not a fucking penny has been donated to a great cause and great idea and business plan. But I guess because I have other responsibilities and goals other than being a thirsty bird flying to Las Vegas for cock shopping in the hopes that my dry punani will make a baller or celebrity fall in love or to suck a dick or two; my cause is not desperate enough. This actually angers me, I know; we all are partaking in begging for coins in order to supplement a shortfall somewhere in our lives but DAMN...titty jobs and trips to Miami are more susceptible to gaining donations than empowerment or mental health. I sound bitter right, of course a bitch is bitter! I work hard, pay all my bills, struggle through life to support my daughter and still aspire to do more than "do it for the gram" while filtered to the gods. It's hard, to balance life and dreams, I wish I was only motivated my looks and likes but I'm not, having new breasts and a BMW only appeal if everything else is on point! My businesses have to be popping, my finances on Fleek and my living comfortable before I would even want to think about my body. Yes, I adore the coca cola bottle shape and would spend my own money on accomplishing the dream body with exercise and a little lipo but i'll be damned if I beg regular hardworking people to finance such bullshit. And I have nothing to say to anyone who did donate to these dry throat thots, they are just as parched as the online panhandlers. My issue is just that as a woman with a dream to give back and build up the self esteems of young women so they don't fall in the traps set by media and society and end up broken and emotionally bankrupt because they didn't work on the most important part of the body and that's the brain. I really hope that someone can see the good I'm trying to do or that I come into money another way in order to start up my business. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

No Likey, No Lighty

Have you ever made a post that you felt was worthy of a few likes, a share or at least a damn comment? Yes...this is my life! After creating my first blog EmpressiveMe, i expected at the very least the friends and family i have known for years to appreciate my efforts and like my status or posts. Share a few... just to allow other users to see and maybe like the page, in turn share and so on and so on. Unfortunately i was surprised at the lack of likes, in fact i was seriously pissed off! I see people posting the utmost disrespectful shit, the most degrading shit, the most disturbing shit and yet, here i am trying to CREATE something new, unique and positive but it goes no further than one or two likes. To be honest, i regularly like things just so it will appear on my feed for others to see, funny clips, educational, inspirational, fashion, entertainment etc. Many times when i post something on my mind, or from my own personal works...its ignored...bloody cheek!!! I love to see people doing well or at least trying that's why i shared or liked but the frustration comes when you get no love back from a handful of the maybe hundreds of Facebook friends listed...for fucks sake! It takes a millisecond to hit that thumbs up...or press share now! I get it, you may not want to write nothing to accompany the shared post but damnnnn can a bitch catch a break! I'm now bitter and honestly I'm no longer supportive of no one who hasn't shared or liked a thing of mine.
Don't even get a bitch started  on the group...i created a group that was meant to provoke conversation and participation on topics and things posted and shared...but AGAIN...crickets!!!
But let me have created a group posting twerking, violence or ratchetness and the Pope himself would have probably liked, shared or left a damn comment!

I questioned it not good enough, but then i saw posts and pages similar to mine shared by friends on my feed that received thousands of likes. Then i began seeing friends who i had shared things with start creating the same ideas and then i realised it wasn't because it wasn't good enough, in fact maybe it was too good! Imitation is  the sincerest form of flattery...uh uhh it's what got a few bitches blocked! I can't take people copying my shit and I've seen it from the bottom to the top, a look i created a few years ago was recreated by a popular fashion magazine same items,same layout and same post title! Instagram was the worst platform to try a promote anything, even though that was the one place that i received the most likes but i also received the most plagiarism.

Now I'm not stupid enough to not understand that this is what business is all about...i get it, people are inspired by all things and take ideas and recreate to make better or more appealing to the demographic they are targeting and time waits for no man! As a woman who is still unknown and at the very starting processes of the business, i cannot afford to be fucked over time and time again! I am creating something that i have thought through, that i have prepared myself for and put the work in for! Still working to pay bills, the time and money i invest in myself and business is precious and it bugs me to think that people do not respect that. I'm trying to find a way to capitalise of my ideas and if i can't share them through lack of support or fear of plagiarism then i have no hope in hell!

My whole business is based on empowerment...but i feel so uninspired by the people around me that's it almost forced me underground. I create but no longer share, i blog but only post on my blog. Its actually quite sad, even this blog will posted via social media apps that i have NO real friends or family added just strangers who add themselves or follow. This works, people who i don't know tend to share things and is what made me create this Bitch Mode blog...a platform to rant on the things that piss me off daily! I would consider doing a vlog....maybe not...i mean if people can't spare a millisecond to like something then they sure as hell won't find 5 minutes to watch a video...unless it involves breasts, battys or fuckery and foolishness!

Let's see how far BitchMode goes...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

After years of plotting and planning i have finally decided on creating this blog. Initially it was meant to be a vlog but being the scaredy cat i am; i think i need to have a makeover before i unleash myself on the world. I guess for now this is my personal venting space and place to just spill my guts about anything that gets me in BitchMode. Brace yourselves because more than likely this will become a dumping ground for me to spew my guts about my relationship and life.